Caution with Lawn Mowers and Foot Injuries


Power Mowers Pose Danger to Feet

Thousands of Foot Injuries Can be Prevented Each Year


Sterling Heights, MI -- Lawn care season is back in the metro Detroit area and if your lawn is anything like mine, it requires constant attention. This maintenance is not problem free for your feet. The doctors at Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers encourage homeowners to protect their feet and the feet of those around them when using rotary-blade lawn mowers.

Each year, some 25,000 Americans sustain injuries from power mowers, according to reports issued by the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission. The blades whirl at 3,000 revolutions per minute and produce three times the kinetic energy of a .357 handgun. Yet, each year we continue to see patients who have been hurt while operating a lawn mower barefoot.

The statistics show that children under the age of 14 and adults over the age of 44 are more likely to be injured from mowers than others. We advises anyone who operates a power mower to take a few simple precautions:

Don’t mow a wet lawn. Losing control from slipping on rain-soaked grass is the leading cause of foot injuries caused by power mowers.

Wear heavy shoes or work boots when mowing – no sneakers or sandals.

Don’t  allow small children to ride on the lap of an adult on a lawn tractor. Children can be severely injured by the blades when getting on or off the machine.

Mow  across slopes, never go up or down.

Never pull a running mower backwards.

Keep  children away from the lawn when mowing.

Keep the clip bag attached when operating a power mower to prevent projectile injuries. 

Use a mower with a release mechanism on the handle that automatically shuts it off when the hands let go.

If a mower accident occurs, immediate treatment is necessary to flush the wound thoroughly and apply antibiotics to prevent infection. The doctors at Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle will get you in as soon as possible with a same day appointment because a delay in treatment can be detrimental to the overall prognosis and delay the healing time. Superficial wounds can be treated on an outpatient basis, but more serious injuries usually require surgical intervention to repair tendon damage, deep clean the wound and suture it. Tendons severed in lawn mower accidents generally can be surgically reattached unless toes have been amputated. We will formulate a treatment plan that will be best for your specific injury.

Please stay healthy and safe! Please contact us with any problems that arise with your feet and ankle so you can continue to enjoy the beautiful summer weather!


Ryan Murphy, DPM, FACFAS

Ryan Murphy, DPM, FACFAS Ryan Murphy, DPM, FACFAS Dr. Murphy graduated from the Scholl College of podiatric medicine in 2009 and is now board certified by the college of Foot and Ankle Surgeons in diagnosis and treatment of any condition involving the foot and ankle. He is the owner of Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers. Dr. Murphy specializes in sports medicine, fracture repair, forefoot surgery, and the treatment and surgical correction of ankle pain. He’s a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and has published numerous articles in respected podiatric medical journals.

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