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By Hosey Foot & Ankle Centers
May 17, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Painful Arthritis  

With age, it’s not uncommon to experience pain and stiffness in your feet and ankles.  Carefully monitoring your pain is important, however, as this noticeable discomfort could be an early indication of a more serious condition known as arthritis. Arthritis is a group of conditions that typically involves pain and inflammation in the joints.  There are many types of arthritis, with osteoarthritis being the most common form.  Left untreated, pain caused by arthritis will get worse, eventually leading to a joint weakness that can interfere with the most basic daily activities.  

Arthritis can have a serious impact on the structure and function of your feet and ankles. See a podiatrist if you experience any of the following symptoms:

  • Swelling
  • Chronic pain or tenderness
  • Limited mobility or motion
  • Stiffness early in the day
  • Changes in skin, including growths and rashes                                              

Whenever you notice a change in your lower extremities, contact our podiatrists at our practice for a thorough evaluation. When detected early, proper treatment can slow the development of arthritis and get you back to your active lifestyle.

Treating Arthritis of the Foot and Ankle

Our practice can help you determine the best treatment option depending on the type and severity of your arthritis.  

Treatment options include:

  • Anti-inflammatory medications or steroid injections for the joint
  • Shoe inserts, pads, braces or arch supports
  • Physical therapy and exercise
  • Custom-designed shoes
  • Weight management

When arthritis doesn’t respond to conservative treatment, surgical intervention may be considered as the last resort.

A thorough evaluation of your health and type of arthritis will allow our podiatrists to recommend the best treatment plan for you. Arthritis is a disabling disease, but with early detection, you can help manage the pain associated with arthritis of the foot and ankle and maintain a healthy, fulfilling life.  Allow our podiatrists to assess your foot and ankle pain and get you back on your feet.

By Hosey Foot & Ankle Centers
May 04, 2017
Category: Podiatry
Tags: Heel Pain  

The average person doesn't think much about the heel as a crucial part of the foot -- until it becomes painful. Heel pain can disrupt your work, play and exercise routines significantly. If you're feeling discomfort in your heels when you walk or even when you're just standing around, find out how a podiatrist at Hosey Foot & Ankle Centers in Clinton Township, Mount  Clemens and Sterling Heights, MI can help.

When You Have Heel Pain...
Mild heel pain is often barely noticeable, but as it worsens over time it can become impossible to ignore. Pain in the heel can start for numerous reasons. Here are a few possible causes to consider:

- Wearing too-tight shoes that press up or rub against your heel when you walk, creating calluses or rawness (common for women who wear high heels)
- Heel spurs (commonly caused by plantar fasciitis)
- Achilles tendinitis or tendon rupture (common in athletes)
- Bursitis and arthritis (common in patients who work on their feet)

It Shouldn't Be Ignored
Heel pain isn't something that is likely to go away on its own -- especially if you continue the same uncomfortable daily habits and activities. Some patients continue to put pressure and stress on the heel because it doesn’t hurt too badly, but it’s better to pay attention to the problem in its early stages for a quick resolution. Foot problems related to heel pain could develop into issues that require surgical intervention if they persist for a long time.

Heel Pain Cures
Consider these treatments that your Clinton Township, Mount Clemens and Sterling Heights podiatrist may suggest to cure your heel pain and get your feet back on the right track:

- Physical therapy to strengthen ligaments and tendons
- Wearing orthopedic shoes or orthotic devices (inserts) prescribed by your foot doctor
- Steroid injections (in the case of arthritic symptoms)
- Surgery in chronic cases

Three Convenient Offices for Heel Treatment
Hosey Foot & Ankle Centers offers three convenient locations for you to visit to consult with a podiatrist about your heel pain. Call the Clinton Township location at (586) 263-4411, the Mount Clemens location at (586) 468-5445 or the Sterling Heights office at (586) 275-3000 today to schedule an appointment.

By Hosey Foot & Ankle Centers
May 01, 2017
Category: Foot Care
Tags: Ankle Sprains   Ankle Pain  

An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries to the ankle, resulting from a fall or a sudden twist that forces the ligaments out of their normal position. It’s no wonder so many athletes suffer from ankle sprains every year.

The severity of an ankle sprain depends on whether the ligament is stretched, partially torn or completely torn. Look for the following symptoms if you think you have sprained your ankle:

  • Immediate pain at the site of the tear
  • Immediate swelling
  • Hearing or feeling something tear, pop or snap during the twist
  • Bruising
  • Pain and difficulty moving the ankle
  • Inability to walk or bear weight on the ankle

Treating Your Ankle Sprain

Early treatment of a sprained ankle can improve the recovery time and minimize symptoms. The following steps will reduce swelling and help alleviate pain until you can get into our office.

  • Rest: Stay off your ankle as much as possible. This will ease the pain, as well as reduce the swelling.
  • Ice: It’s critical to ice your injured ankle throughout the day for the first 24 hours or until the swelling goes down.
  • Compression: Elastic wraps, such as an ACE bandage, will help reduce swelling.
  • Elevation: Rest your ankle above the level of your heart to keep swelling to a minimum.  

Preventing Injuries to the Ankle

With extra care, you can help avoid ankle injuries.

  • Wear appropriate shoes for each activity
  • Throw out old, worn out shoes
  • Be cautious of wet, slippery floors at work or at home
  • Wear ankle braces or have your ankle taped during sports activities for increased stability

If you’ve injured your ankle and are experiencing pain or difficulty walking, come into our office for an examination and proper diagnosis. If an ankle sprain is not treated promptly with the necessary attention and care, chronic problems of pain and instability may result. Our podiatrists can recommend a treatment plan based on the severity of the sprain to ensure proper healing and a fast recovery.

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