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Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers, as we know it today, has deep roots and a long standing history in the communities of which we serve.  From a single clinic with one doctor and three employees to a large, three practice facility, with four full time physicians and over 20 employees the practice has grown substantially over the past 40 years. 


In 1983, after graduating from a surgical residency at Harrison Community Hospital (now known as Ascension St John Hospital), Dr. Thomas Hosey began his journey in Mount Clemens, Michigan at our 253 S. Gratiot office.  With 3 treatment rooms, and a surgical/procedure room he began there with Dr. Dresner, an established podiatrist in the Mount Clemens area. At the time, they serviced the area and Mount Clemens General (now known as Mclaren Macomb) hospital with the most up to date advancements in the Podiatric Medical and Surgical fields.  As Dr. Hosey acquired and began to grow his practice, he also began to outgrow his 3 room office, and patients were arriving from areas far west of Mount Clemens. In 1994, the “Garfield Office” was born! To accommodate for increasing patient volume, as well as geographics, the office in the Clinton Township area was complete with 7 treatment rooms, including a surgical suite, and a custom orthotic lab to better serve his patients.   Now a fully functioning, two office practice in the Clinton Township/Mount Clemens region, the practice continued to grow in both volume and employment.  


It would be 15 years and a lot of growth later, when Dr. Hosey further expanded to the Troy, Michigan area, where a third office was opened in the Medical Professional Building attached to Beaumont Hospital, in Troy Michigan.  Suite 420 boasts 4 large treatment rooms, including another surgical suite, and a lab in the back to cater to all podiatric needs big and small. Conveniently located attached to the hospital, with a lovely stroll across the walking bridge over Dequindre road, where one can literally stand in two places at once -- Sterling Heights and Troy -- the physicians are well equipped to care for and manage patients at Beaumont Hospital without having to even step outdoors in those cold, Michigan winters!


Enough about the buildings - although they are all wonderful; let’s introduce you to the rest of the fantastic team Dr. Hosey has working alongside him. 



Dr. Ryan Murphy, owner of Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers, joined the practice in 2012.  Dr. Murphy, born and raised in Michigan, attended Podiatric Medical School in Chicago, Illinois, and completed his surgical residency at Oakwood Hospital, in Dearborn, Michigan, where he specialized in sports medicine and trauma of the foot and ankle.  Since his arrival at the practice, Dr. Murphy has been an avid teacher both in and out of the operating room for the surgical residents at Ascension St. John Hospital, and an active member of the residency selection committee. Dr. Murphy continuously remains up to date on the latest and greatest surgical techniques from bunions to total ankle replacements and everything in between.  He works hard to keep the daily affairs running smoothly for our patients at Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers.


Dr. Patterson joined Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers in 2016.  Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Dr. Patterson attended Podiatric Medical School in Miami, Florida, and completed her surgical residency at Presence (now Amita) Health St Joseph’s Hospital in Chicago, Illinois.  During her residency training she also completed a training course in Advanced Lower Limb Muscle Flap and Tibial Osteotomies with Dr. Edgardo Rodriguez. Along with the other physicians in the practice, Dr. Patterson teaches and trains the residents from Ascension St John Hospital, and is actively involved with the Diabetic Education Committee at Beaumont Hospital in Troy.   Dr. Patterson continuously remains educated and up to date on the latest technologies in surgical and medical treatments of the foot and ankle.

Dr. Angela Jacob, the newest member to our team,  joined the practice in 2018. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Dr. Jacob attended Podiatric Medical School in Cleveland Ohio, and completed her surgical residency at Ascension St. John Hospital, in Detroit, Michigan.  As a resident, Dr. Jacob trained with the physicians of Hosey & Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers, where she excelled in her surgical training and joined the team shortly after graduation. In a full circle manner, she now also helps train and instruct the residents from Ascension St. John Hospital in surgery on a regular basis, and remains up to date on all the newest surgical advancements.  Dr. Jacob is a very well rounded physician and skilled surgeon, completing the Physician Team here at Hosey & Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers.


From his initial acquisition of the practice from Dr. Dresner in 1983, which had been established in Mount Clemens for over 40 years prior, Dr. Hosey, along with Dr. Murphy and the team at Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers have grown in both size and services to help treat a wide aliment of foot and ankle pathologies in the Greater Detroit Area with compassion, providing the latest and greatest surgical, and non-surgical treatments for every patient who walks through the door(s).   We appreciate you coming along on this journey, from the patients whom have been with Dr. Hosey for over 40 years, to the new patients we meet on a daily basis; we are here to ease your mind with treatment and ease your foot and ankle pain.




Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers

Kristen Patterson, DPM, FACFAS Kristen Patterson, DPM, FACFAS Dr. Patterson has been an associate at Hosey and Murphy Foot and Ankle Centers since 2016. She is a member of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, a Professional Member of the American Diabetes Association and American Podiatric Medical Association. Dr. Patterson specializes in foot and ankle fracture repair, deformity correction, diabetic wound care and limb salvage. She is board certified by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, and American Wound Care boards. She is a member of the Beaumont Diabetic Education team, and active in the hospital and community with preventative care and up to date research in the field.

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